Complete the information below. Please be thorough and honest with your answers.  This will allow for me to be of best service to you!  I am excited, and I look forward to having this consultation with you so that we can figure out the best way for you to have better health, play better golf, have more energy, and feel better, too!



    Physical Address


    1. Why did you start playing the game of golf?

    2. What is working for your golf game, and what is not working for your golf game? Please describe.

    3. Are you feeling fatigued and tired by the 16th hole, or are you feeling fresh and ready to play another 18 holes? Please explain.

    4. What are some health challenges you have overcome, and what health challenges are you currently experiencing? Are you taking any medications and/or supplements including herbals? If so, please list.

    5. Where do you see yourself with your golf game, and with your health in 1 year? Please describe.