I am a legal drug dealer (pharmacist) who is addicted to the game of golf!  I’ve been playing sports since grade school days.  They have always been an integral part of my life. The only reason I went to Ohio Northern University was because I could play as many sports as I wanted.  My dad insisted that I pick pharmacy as a major, since that’s what the university was noted for.

Upon graduation, I took a job in the hospital setting.  I was naive enough to think that I was helping people get the right medication therapy for their condition, so that they could heal faster.  This went on for years, until I finally woke up and saw that most of the medications that people were taking were actually causing side effects, and the patients weren’t really healing from their disease states.  In fact, the drugs that they were taking were actually masking their symptoms, and not really taking care of the problem.  The really sad thing I noticed was how often a patient had side effects from a medication, and another one was  prescribed to counteract those side effects.  It was a vicious cycle.  The straw that broke the camel’s back, was the day I entered 30 line items of medications on a patient.  The poor guy had to be choking down 60-70 pills per day since many of those drugs were taken multiple times throughout the day.  Can you imagine taking that many pills per day?  It can’t be healthy for you.  That picture literally made me sick to my stomach.  It was at that point that I figured out I wasn’t really helping patients heal  from their disease states and health challenges.  I was in fact, poisoning them with all the pills and potions I was issuing to them.

The pressure in the hospital to get all the medications to all the patients as fast as possible was intense and nerve wracking.  I had to find a way to relieve stress.  Usually sports filled the bill for me in that area.  I took up golf, toward the end of the ‘90’s, and quickly discovered  that it was indeed the hardest sport that I have ever played.  I became obsessed with chasing that little white “pill” around, and it drove me crazy that little old ladies were kicking my ass on the course!  This game was supposed to relieve my stress, not induce more stress! 🙂  I vowed to get better, so I started taking lessons, and practicing.  That got me to a certain level…I was able to break 100, then 90, and eventually 80.  I started entering tournaments, but I didn’t have real good results.  I continued to practice and take lessons…I even managed to break 70 a couple of times   Still, I was lacking when it came to the tournament trail.

Finally, in August of 2011, I won a qualifier to the US Women’s Senior Amateur!  I ended up making the cut and into the round of 64, after being involved in a 9 way play-off for 6 spots.  In January, 2012 I won the Ben Roman Division of the 57th rendition of the Harder Hall Women’s Invitational in Florida.  Come spring and summer, I didn’t have enough time to practice as much as I would have liked.  However, my handicap kept going down, even though I was practicing less and less!  That summer, I shot a course record 68, my lowest score yet!  In September of 2012, I won the 33rd Ohio Women’s Golf Association State Stroke Play Tournament.  On January 9th, 2013, I had my first ace at “The Sally”-the prestigious South Atlantic Tournament in Florida.  It was only the 19th hole-in-one in the history of the 87 year old tournament, 17th in competition (2 were in practice rounds).  I came within 2 feet of doing again on day 2!  The cool thing about this feat is that many famous pros have played this tournament-when they were amateurs of course, yet they don’t have an ace here!!  Babe Zaharias, Cristie Kerr, Grace Park, Lexi Thompson, and Jessica Korda are just a few of this prestigious crew!

And, just 201 days later, I tore up the cup as I slam dunked the ball into the hole on the fly at my home course, for my second career hole in one 🙂

2nd Hole in One 7-29-13 TOS Hills Course #12Why was I winning now, and doing better when I was practicing less?  When I looked back and put the pieces together, I figured out I started winning and playing better, because I was following a winning formula…And, it was my “Winning Formula”!  Once I had these 4 pieces in place, my health, my golf game and my whole life improved!!

I’d love to take my “Winning Formula”,  and personally adapt it to you and your situation, to help you create your “Winning Formula”  which will help you realign your health, allow you to feel great, and improve your energy, health and vitality along the way! 

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